Student Application

How to apply for a summer or articling position

Thank you for your interest in Bereskin & Parr’s student programs. Here are some things to keep in mind as you apply.

Technical Requirements

Many students who walk through our doors are determined to work in patents and trademarks. If you are considering going down this path, it is important to note that, at our firm, all patent prosecutors must have an engineering or advanced science background.

If you don’t have either, this is not a requirement for lawyers and agents in our other practice groups. We have lawyers and agents from all backgrounds—each bringing a unique and invaluable perspective to client work.

If you have the necessary background for patents and trademarks but can’t decide whether you want to prosecute or litigate, our passionate professionals will help you decide between the two options—or set you on a path where you can do both.

What we look for in candidates

At Bereskin & Parr, candidates for our student programs must be well-rounded. In addition to strong academic records, we are also looking for candidates who have participated in interesting extra-curricular activities, have a diverse work experience, and are team oriented. Additionally, we view our students as future members of our firm, so we prefer candidates who are ready to make a long-term commitment.

Bereskin & Parr is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion —values that are integral to our success and the success of our clients. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and experiences, and we strongly encourage our students and professionals to bring their whole, authentic selves to work.

What we want you to send us

When applying to Bereskin & Parr, please include:

  • A cover letter addressed to Ryan Baker
  • Current résumé
  • Copies of official transcripts from law school, undergrad, and any other post-secondary education
  • A list of anticipated upper year courses

Please note: Writing samples and reference letters are not required.

Application tips

  • Keep it brief. Your cover letter should be no longer than one page. Let us know why you want to work at Bereskin & Parr, and why you think you’d be a great fit for our firm.
  • Your résumé should not be more than two pages and it should include the following information: Contact Information; Education; Employment History; Volunteer/Extra-Curricular Activities; and Awards/Scholarships.
  • Proofread! We’re sure you’ve reviewed your cover letter over and over, but it never hurts to have another set of eyes. Get a friend to help.
  • Be ready to talk about anything listed in your cover letter or résumé. You sound interesting and we want to know more about your experiences.
  • Think about questions you may have for us. Feel free to reach out to our current students or associates to learn more about the firm.

Application process and guidelines

Bereskin & Parr participates in the annual summer student and articling recruitment process, and all our recruitment procedures are carried out in accordance with Law Society of Ontario for Ontario students. We also annually take part in Course aux stages in accordance with guidelines for Quebec students. For more information, please see the LSO website or consult your law school’s career development office.

Students interested in a summer or articling position with us must submit their applications through the viLaw Portal. Applications received otherwise will not be considered.

Bereskin & Parr LLP is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from all qualified candidates, including women, aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, and people with disabilities.

Contact If you would like to receive information about the student programs in an alternative format—or if you have a question about one of the programs—please contact Ryan Baker, Director, Recruitment & Professional Development by email or phone: 416-957-1658.

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