Life at Bereskin & Parr

Intellectual property is our passion

Bereskin & Parr has established best practices for collaborative approaches that maximize the effectiveness of shared knowledge and experience within the legal field. We advocate for a diverse IP professional community through mentoring efforts, collaboration, and inclusive approaches based on our employees’ needs. Our law professionals, students and business service teams benefit from the exchange of IP knowledge within the firm and keep abreast of IP-related matters, legal updates, growing trends, emerging technologies, and industry developments in Canada and globally. 

Our legal professionals provide mentoring assistance to associates and students demonstrating an interest in pursuing and growing their careers in IP law. Employees have access to mentors that guide and train them to strengthen their skill set and expertise. Our mentoring and coaching relationships are built on our employees’ needs and the goals they wish to work toward.

Work-life balance and well-being are important to Bereskin & Parr. We recognize that our employees are motivated by different things and constantly strive for improvement, learning and motivation through engaging in fruitful discussions and activities within and outside the firm. 

Work Culture

Be part of our community

Bereskin & Parr fosters a culture of collaboration and community which can be felt within and across each of our offices.

Our inclusive and people-centred culture is a testament to our success. We strive for a flexible and friendly work environment premised on inclusivity, communication, and meaningful connections where all employees feel respected and valued. We take a collaborative and inclusive approach to professional development to ensure our law professionals, staff, and students fulfil their talent and potential while flourishing throughout their careers with us.

Ensuring our employees are doing and feeling their best is vital to our growth and the work satisfaction of our teams. We focus on creating efficiency in our work through work-life balance and support our employees to thrive at work while benefiting from making space for personal time.

Student Life

We have ideas about your future

Start your career at Bereskin & Parr and give yourself the chance to learn from some of the most highly reputable Professionals within the legal space.

Our team of leading law professionals works closely with students to help them identify their strengths and advance their legal careers. Our articling and summer students are provided with multiple avenues to put their learning into practice and their abilities to work while gaining valuable legal experience. Our mentorship programs enable legal career seekers to deepen their knowledge and engage in their learning process by working on challenging files and supporting clients in today’s emerging industries.

Legal Professionals

Large firm resources

At Bereskin & Parr your client work will range from small start-up companies to large multi-national corporations with the resources of a large law firm in a more relaxed environment. Our firm provides the opportunity to work and learn with some of Canada’s best known and experienced IP professionals, offering excellent training and resources, and a friendly and flexible working environment.

Business Services

Service excellence

Our firm fosters an environment premised on collegiality, ownership, and a forward-thinking mentality. Our business service teams are provided extensive training and entrusted with all our clients’ legal needs. We have established a depth of talent and systems that perform optimally to service clients in every aspect of patent, trademark, copyright law, and IP litigation. Our employees work closely with award-winning professionals consistently ranked as a benchmark for IP law in Canada.

Join Bereskin & Parr

We are committed to helping all our employees flourish in the institutional dynamics of a law firm and ensuring they stand out in the increasingly growing legal market.

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