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Bereskin & Parr is a "stand-out IP boutique" firm that conducts "much of the highest-quality work that is generated in Canada".

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  • AIPLA - AIPLA Annual Meeting Panel Coordinator: Isi Caulder, Session: Beyond Drafting the Perfect Specification: Fixing What Can Go Wrong in Your Patent Filings, Date: October 24, 2019, Time: 10:15am to 12pm // Conference Attendees: Ian McMillan, Isi Caulder, Joshua Spicer, Melanie Szweras, Paul Horbal & Amrita V. Singh 
  • INTA: International Trademark Association - 2019 INTA Leadership Meeting Attendees: Cynthia Rowden, Susan Keri, R. Scott MacKendrick, Jonathan Colombo, Jennifer McKenzie, Janice Bereskin, Brigitte Chan, Mina Chana & Jonathan Burkinshaw, Details: 2019 INTA Leadership Meeting - Austin, TX