Licensing & Transactions

Helping organizations create agreements affecting IP.

Our Licensing and Transactions group can assist with protecting and commercializing intellectual property rights which requires negotiation, whether with a collaborator, business partner, employee, independent contractor, supplier, investor, buyer or seller. Carefully drafted agreements will protect your intellectual property assets and ensure successful business relationships. A clear agreement, in which the parties know their rights and obligations, can also avoid costly litigation.

Drafting and negotiating IP agreements requires not only an understanding of the IP assets, but also of the client’s business objectives. The professionals at Bereskin & Parr bring a wide range of skills and technical knowledge in fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemistry, computing, electronics, entertainment and new media to licensing and transaction management. They also have an in-depth understanding of national and international protection of intellectual property rights and extensive experience in drafting and negotiating complex agreements relating to IP.

The Licensing and Transactions’ clients include individual inventors, start-up companies, large national and multinational corporations, universities, hospitals and research institutes.

Our Services

Our Licensing and Transactions group can provide you with the following services:

  • Intellectual Property Rights Due Diligence.
  • Transfers and contracts of purchase and sale.
  • Security agreements relating to intellectual property.
  • Licenses.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Agreements with employees.
  • Agreements with independent contractors or consultants.
  • Joint ventures, research collaboration, business development agreements.
  • Agreements with suppliers.
  • Material transfer agreements.
  • Marketing agreements.
  • Professional services agreements relating to development of intellectual property.
  • Software license and SaaS agreements.
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