IP Management & Strategic Counselling

Helping our clients protect, leverage and monetize their intellectual assets.

Every business relies on intellectual assets. Strategic technical innovations, key brands, business know-how and other intellectual property assets can be the foundation that differentiates a company allowing it to thrive and succeed.

Our IP Management & Strategic Counselling group will help you maximize the value of your current IP assets, and, often more importantly, identify and manage a strong IP portfolio that complements current and future business goals to help differentiate your products and brands, maximize profits and produce a dynamic advantage in the marketplace.

As intellectual property becomes an increasingly integral part of the global marketplace, we assist our clients in recognizing the potential value in their IP, capitalizing on opportunities and expertise that can be hard to identify and protect. We pride ourselves on the technical qualifications and industry knowledge of our professionals. This combined with in-depth legal  training and experience, allows us to offer a full range of IP services, from protecting your IP assets, to assisting in the development and management of a growing IP portfolio.

Contact us to learn how you can maximize the value of your efforts and ensure that your business has the best opportunity for commercial success by strategically leveraging your intellectual assets.

Our Services

Our IP Management & Strategic Counselling services can provide you with the following services:

  • IP audits to identify valuable intellectual property and related assets
  • Strategic portfolio development and management
  • Development of internal IP management policies and procedures
  • In-house seminars to assist in the implementation of your strategy
  • Recognizing competition in the marketplace and acting early to avoid risks to your product development strategy
  • Protecting your brands strategically and in a cost-effective manner
  • Increasing brand exposure with the counsel of our Advertising, Marketing & Regulatory practice group
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