Daniel Bereskin published book “The Canadian Law of Unfair Competition”

November 2, 2020

Daniel Bereskin’s new book The Canadian Law of Unfair Competition, has been published by Thomson Reuters in October 2020. In the foreword, written by The Honorable Marshall Rothstein, he noted “Dan Bereskin is a renowned leader of the intellectual property bar in Canada. He is superbly qualified to have authored the Canadian Law of Unfair Competition. … This is a practical and easily readable volume of virtually everything the bench and the bar needs to know about the law of unfair competition.

Other contributors include Don Cameron, Jennifer McKenzie, Amanda Branch, Amy Dam and Laura MacDonald.

About the book

The Canadian Law of Unfair Competition provides an in-depth coverage of common law, civil law and statutory offences and remedies. The treatise covers in detail all important aspects of the law including goodwill and reputation, wrongful interference with economic relations, injurious falsehood, misrepresentations in passing off, damages, dilution by blurring and tarnishment, remedies, distinctiveness, defenses, trade secrets, misuses of confidential information, amongst many other issues. Jurisprudence is clearly explained and compared, with occasional criticism. The historical development of unfair competition law in Canada and abroad is discussed in depth. The text also deals with the CUSMA (successor treaty of NAFTA), TRIPS and the 2019 amendments to the Trademarks Act. Relevant Canadian, United Kingdom and United States jurisprudence is reviewed and compared. The law of deceptive marketing practices under the Competition Act is pragmatically explained, as well as the civil law of Quebec.

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This book was published by Thomson Reuters in October 2020.

About the author

Daniel R. Bereskin, Q.C. is a founding partner of Bereskin & Parr LLP. He provides strategic planning and business advice relating to all aspects of intellectual property law.

Dan is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, which include being appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 2020, appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1982 and named “Lawyer of the Year 2020” in the Intellectual Property Law area in Toronto by Best Lawyers, among many others. He is renowned throughout the intellectual property field in Canada and abroad, and is responsible for managing the trademark portfolios of major multinational clients.

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