Electrical & Computer Technology

Protecting cutting edge technology in an ever-changing world.

Bereskin & Parr’s Electrical & Computer Technology practice group is devoted to helping clients build, protect and enforce their intellectual property. All members of our group are trained as engineers or in the physical sciences. Many members of the team have practical experience with technology companies in technical, business and legal roles, including extensive experience in building and managing valuable patent portfolios for entrepreneurial companies.

Few things change faster or more continuously than technology. Obtaining patent protection allows high-tech companies to safeguard and secure considerable R&D investment, market share and profits and other opportunities.

For those in the technology industry, patent rights serve not only as a means to protect inventive ideas and concepts, but they are also valuable for generating interest and investment in new and growing businesses.

Companies involved in software development have their own unique issues and concerns. The long-term survival of small to mid-sized hardware and software development companies is often difficult to ensure. The same entrepreneurial spirit of innovation that makes them succeed, also makes them targets or threats to more established developers. Frequently, this leads to corporate acquisitions, or the development of competitive technology — both demanding the diligent management and protection of the intellectual property rights involved.

Our Services

The following is a list of services that members of our Electrical & Computer Technology practice group can provide:

  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications worldwide
  • Registering copyright and industrial designs
  • Registering integrated circuit topographies
  • Preparing and negotiating license agreements
  • Conducting due diligence investigations
  • Providing patentability, validity, and infringement searches and opinions
  • Providing strategic advice on intellectual property rights
  • Enforcing intellectual property rights
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