Turning innovation into strong IP assets and real business value.

Innovation is the foundation of your business.  Our patent team will help you secure the value in your innovations with a strong patent strategy.  Whether you are a startup creating a new technology area or an established company that is facing intense competition, patents can be amongst your company’s most valuable assets.

A patent portfolio is only as strong as the team behind it. To secure valuable patents, you need a team with proven technical and strategic expertise. And because the patent process is a long journey, you want lawyers committed to developing a long-standing relationship with you, founded on a strong understanding of your business and vision.

Our clients include individual founders, companies, and educational and research institutes worldwide, operating in every industry and technology area. We will assemble a team that will maximize the value of your ideas and help you build a strong, successful business.

Building real value

You need IP that can be monetized – patents that protect your profits, keep competitors at bay, generate licensing revenue, support significant valuations, and stand up under scrutiny in court.  When you work with us, you gain access to Canada’s strongest team of technology lawyers and patent agents, with a vast range of patent law expertise combined with extensive science and engineering experience.

At Bereskin & Parr, we operate as an extension of your business team—a legal partner that takes a holistic view of your business and industry, understands your opportunities and the risks posed by competitors, and supports you to maximize your opportunities, avoid pitfalls and drive your business forward.

Focus on your business—and leave the patents to us

Securing and defending a patent is a complex endeavour. As you embark on this journey, it’s important to have a trusted partner by your side who can help you assess the validity of patents owned by others, determine the patentability of your inventions, and effectively defend your patents in the event of infringement.

Our Services

 You can rely on us to maximize the value of your intellectual assets in every part of your business strategy. Our technology law services include:

  • Preparing and prosecuting patent and design applications for innovators in Canada, the United States, and worldwide.
  • Negotiating and preparing licenses, assignments, security interests and other agreements for inventions, designs, and patents.
  • Performing IP and patent audits.
  • Identifying gaps in your IP strategy and protection and helping fill them.
  • Developing your internal IP strategy, and helping manage that strategy.
  • Evaluating patent portfolios of clients, competitors and other threats.
  • IP due diligence in commercial transactions.
  • Right to manufacture or use studies.
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