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Caution Before Instructing Canadian Trademark Renewals

April 1, 2015

It has come to our attention that a number of clients of our firm have received notices regarding renewal deadlines from various companies, including Trademark Office Ltd. These companies are not affiliated with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Many levy charges for trademark renewals that are higher than most Canadian intellectual property firms, including Bereskin & Parr, and many contact owners long before the actual renewal deadlines. Since upcoming changes to the Trademarks Act will impact renewal deadlines and will also likely affect costs, it is important to ensure that renewals are handled in the most cost effective manner, and with the new legislative scheme in mind.  If you receive correspondence from any of these firms relating to your trademarks or other intellectual property in Canada, we suggest that you contact us before taking any action, including payment for maintenance of your trademark registrations. Finally, rest assured that for any mark for which Bereskin & Parr is recorded as representative for service, we will notify you in good time of upcoming renewal deadlines.