Adam Bobker’s Article ‘BitTorrent File Sharing and Copyright Infringement: What Evidence Is Needed’ Published in the Toronto Law Journal

November 1, 2023

Adam Bobker authored the article “BitTorrent File Sharing and Copyright Infringement: What Evidence is Needed”, published in the Toronto Law Journal.

“BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing computer communication protocol, and one of the most used protocols for transferring large files, such as movies, over the Internet. It is well suited for transferring large files, due to its capability to first upload and then download bits of large files from a group of large file hosts, instead of from a single host server. In Voltage Holdings, LLC v Doe #1, 1 the Federal Court of Appeal clarified what is required, in evidence, to prove copyright infringement in the context of file sharing. This decision affects the rights of Internet account holders who are named in lawsuits because other people have been using their account to download movies using BitTorrent file sharing software.”

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