Joanna Ma coauthored Canada’s Chapter published in “Intellectual Property in Electronics and Software: A Global Guide to Rights and Their Applications, Second Edition”

January 8, 2020

Joanna Ma coauthored Canada's Chapter published in "Intellectual Property in Electronics and Software: A Global Guide to Rights and Their Applications, Second Edition" by Globe Law And Business in November 2019, edited by Nicholas Fox.


The software, communications and electronics markets are among the world’s most innovative and competitive. Robust competition means that developers and manufacturers of software, mobile phones, gaming devices, computers, digital cameras and other consumer appliances must leverage their intellectual property (IP) rights to sustain competitive advantage. However, this can be difficult, as much innovation takes place at the intersection of patent, design and copyright law. Although much law is harmonised, significant variations remain both in law and in practice.

Intellectual Property in Electronics and Software provides practical guidance and addresses key IP law issues in major jurisdictions worldwide which impact on software and electronics companies. Topics covered include: the challenges of obtaining protection; software protection and the limits of patentability; patent strategy, including approaches to patent drafting to maximise protection; standards setting and reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing; open source software; and other forms of protection such as unfair competition and design rights.

This new edition covers the latest case law on open source software and standard essential patents and features new chapters on the likely impact of the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent. Geographical coverage has also been expanded to include details of the procedures and protection available in Italy.

Written by a team of leading specialists in IP law, this is an invaluable guide to navigating the complex and overlapping rights which protect innovation in this field.

New to this edition: 

  • Italy 
  • Unified Patent Court 
  • Coverage of the October 2019 changes in Canadian patent law

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