Adam Bobker and Anastassia Trifonova coauthored an article published in The Lawyer’s Daily

October 29, 2020

Adam Bobker and Anastassia Trifonova coauthored an article “Significant statutory damages for copyright infringement of e-commerce website”, published by The Lawyer’s Daily. The authors thank Yuen Shek, articling student at Bereskin & Parr, for his contributions to the article.

Courts are starting to show a willingness to award significant sums for statutory damages in cases of copyright infringement involving ecommerce websites. The images involved may not be masterpieces, but where many images have been reproduced, although the court may exercise its discretion to award less than the $500 per work minimum specified in the Copyright Act, the statutory damages can still add up.

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This article was first published by The Lawyer’s Daily on Ocotber 28, 2020.

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