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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

February 2, 2015

Bereskin & Parr LLP is honoured to announce that February 1, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the firm. The firm was founded in 1965 by David M. Rogers and Daniel R. Bereskin as Rogers & Bereskin. A year later, Richard J. Parr joined the firm, and the firm became Rogers, Bereskin & Parr. The firm opened its first office in Toronto, consisting of the two founding partners, one assistant and no clients. We have since grown to be one of the largest intellectual property firms in Canada, with more than 70 lawyers and patent and trademark agents, and approximately 250 staff members located in four offices, Toronto, Montréal, Mississauga and the Waterloo region. Bereskin & Parr’s practice is comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of intellectual property, and our professionals bring expertise from many fields, combining technical qualifications with industry knowledge, as well as in-depth experience with patent and trademark law.  Both the firm and its award-winning professionals are consistently regarded as the benchmark for IP law in Canada.

“From the beginning, the strategy of the firm has been to focus on professional excellence and exemplary client service, and to attract bright, motivated people even before the volume of work fully justifies additional hiring.  This strategy has served the firm well, and now, 50 years later, the firm is one of the two largest IP boutiques in Canada, is known world-wide, and has the depth of legal talent and systems to serve clients in every aspect of patent, trademark and copyright law, and litigation”. – Daniel Bereskin, Founding Partner

“The firm's global reputation and strong commitment to customer service have allowed us to establish long and trusted relationships with both domestic and international clients. Bereskin & Parr has cultivated a collaborative environment where our top-tier professionals regularly draw on each other’s expertise to ensure high quality service for our clients. As we celebrate 50 years in business, we remain steadfast in our adherence to our core values of professional excellence, collegiality, fairness and teamwork. These values have enabled us to grow while maintaining a positive environment for our firm and our clients”. – Micheline Gravelle, Managing Partner

As a leading IP firm, we take pride in our client service and ensure strong relationships are developed with our clients. Their ideas and innovation have been integral to our success and we are proud to have been protecting their IP assets over the past 50 years.