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Catherine Lovrics quoted in article "Use of celebrity memes in politics raises stakes for copyright owners"

October 7, 2019

It’s a situation that’s coming up more frequently as meme culture becomes part of daily conversation.

Twitter and YouTube’s decision to delete an edited clip of Nickelback posted in a political attack by Donald Trump came down to copyright complaints, but lawyers say the actions of the U.S. president may run afoul of other laws that protect singer Chad Kroeger’s likeness from being used without his permission.

It’s a situation that’s coming up more frequently as meme culture, once dismissed as a teenage phenomenon, becomes part of the daily conversation.

For years, footage of celebrities from TV awards shows, movies and music videos has been repurposed to comedic effect. But more recently, those famous faces have wound up being used for political purposes or social statements.

Click here to read what Catherine was to say about the enforcement of copyright violations.

This article was first published by The Canadian Press on October 5, 2019.


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