Tamara Céline Winegust and Siobhan Doody’s Article Published in Cannabis Law Review

November 9, 2022

Tamara Céline Winegust and Siobhan Doody’s article “A Win for Brand Owners Battling Look-alike Cannabis Products” was published in Cannabis Law Review.

“An encouraging development for rights holders fighting unauthorized use of their brands with cannabis products. In what appears to be one of the first decisions involving cannabis products that “knock off” popular snack food brands, Justice Gleeson in Mars Canada Inc. v. John Doe #1 (King Tuts Cannabis), 2022 FC 1193 (Mars Canada) issued an injunction and ordered damages be paid by defendants who sold THC-infused candies branded SKITTLES and in packaging that copied the trade dress used by Mars Canada for its genuine SKITTLES branded candy.”

The full article was published in November 2022.

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