Release of the Book Trademark Dilution and Free Riding , Edited by Founding Partner Daniel Bereskin

December 14, 2023

Bereskin & Parr is delighted to announce the release of Trademark Dilution and Free Riding, edited by Founding Partner Daniel Bereskin.

Unauthorized third-party use of trademarks poses a challenge to brand owners, diluting the distinctive goodwill associated with the mark and weakening the brand’s strength and recognition.

With a focus on the statutory framework and history of trademark dilution law and free riding, Daniel Bereskin offers insights on the theory and practice of this rapidly developing area of trademark law and its application across key jurisdictions.

Written by a team of leading practitioners and experts in the field and curated by Daniel Bereskin, this book will be an invaluable resource for trademark professionals worldwide and a reference point for intellectual property scholars.

If you wish to obtain a print or electronic copy of the book, please visit

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