Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) Provides Support for Ontario Innovators

October 27, 2023
By Isi Caulder, Paul Blizzard, and Hailey Min

Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) was established to help clients develop their IP strategy by working with them throughout their IP journey. IPON connects businesses to expert IP education, financial supports, and mentorship opportunities, enabling a better understanding of how to compete in the knowledge economy and achieve success in research and commercialization.

IPON recently launched new programs that are open for applications to fostering collaboration among other ecosystem partners and delivering comprehensive IP services that bolster the protection and commercialization of Ontario’s homegrown innovations.

IP Bootcamp: This three-month program offers the full suite of IPON services and is designed for IP owners who want a tailored, intensive and time-limited support plus immediate access to funding.
Partner Program: Available to IP owners who are affiliated with an Ontario Regional Innovation Centre or one of IPON’s key partner organizations. This six-month program also offers immediate funding and is designed to be collaborative by supplementing existing support programs available in the ecosystem.

Learn more and apply.

Full suite of IP services

  • IP Funding: Up to $35,000 in initial funding for IP protection and commercialization services, with the potential for future funding calls of up to $100,000.
  • IP Benchmarking: A comprehensive assessment of clients’ “IP health” to inform tailored IP strategies and actions.
  • Foundational IP Education: An educational journey starting with a foundational course on leveraging IP for business objectives, followed by a live case-study workshop and micro-credentials upon completion.
  • Advanced IP Education: Module-based e-learning courses on IP topics, designed to advance clients’ IP knowledge.
  • Tiger Team: In the case of urgent, IP-specific issues, clients have access to timely consultations with a group of highly specialized lawyers who provide legal information on next steps.
  • IP Mentorship: Our highly sought-after mentors offer lived IP and commercialization expertise, tailored to clients’ businesses.
  • IP Intelligence: Clients receive market intelligence based on IP patent landscapes and datasets that provide insights to accelerate innovation and focus resources on the right opportunities.
  • Networking Events: Clients are among the first to receive invitations to IPON’s events designed to expand IP knowledge and facilitate collaboration and networking.


  • Are an Ontario-based small-and-medium size enterprise with fewer than 500 employees
  • Are in one of the following sectors: MedTech, life sciences, artificial intelligence, vehicle technology, mining and advanced manufacturing
  • Operates in Ontario and intends to grow the business in Ontario long-term
  • Owns IP or IP rights and intends to commercialize or monetize in Canada
  • Demonstrates the potential to realize societal or economic benefit to Ontario
  • Demonstrates the financial capacity to advance the protection and commercialization of IP and IP rights that may be supported by IPON Client Services
  • Have an Immediate IP need suited for IPON services and IP funding
  • Are affiliated with a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) or IPON key partner in Ontario if applying to the Partner Program

Public IP support

Anyone, client or non-client, may access IPON’s basic service, which includes on-demand IP education. Foundational IP courses, created and reviewed by experts, are available at no charge.

Additionally, IPON hosts a variety of public events, both in-person and virtual, to raise IP awareness. IPON welcomes partnerships to invite speakers for these events and expand its online resources.


Visit IPON’s website for more information or reach out to them on LinkedIn and X.

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