IP FOR IT: What Really Matters

June 8, 2015
Burlington HiVE, Burlington

Everyone knows that IP – patents, trade-marks, copyright – is important in the technology industry; sometimes IP is everything. It’s important for coders, developers, software and hardware sellers and distributors, consultants and their clients.

IT success often depends on being the first with new, disruptive ideas; protecting those ideas and then commercializing them. But IP protection can be very expensive for a startup or emerging firm or inventor – and most of that expense must be incurred at the early stages, when cash is scarce.

So, what are the crucial IP actions to take at the early stages? What are the trade-offs and options when funds are limited? What are the fatal pitfalls vs. stuff you can postpone without serious prejudice? U.S. or Canada? Or both?

Matthew Graff will map out these choices in this presentation that is a must-see for Silicon Halton Members.