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6th China IP Counsel Congress 2014

May 15 - 16, 2014
Shenzhen, China

Robert MacFarlane and Daniel Bereskin will be attending the 6th China IP Counsel Congress 2014, which is aimed at creating the best platform for China’s IP professionals and to promote the development of IP in the science and technology industries in Shenzhen and South China. Daniel Bereskin will also be attending the event.

Bob will be a speaker at the event, discussing the controversial Canadian doctrines of "Promise of the Patent" and "Sound Prediction", which have led to findings of patent invalidity in dozens of cases in the Federal Court of Canada. This will include: the Court's reasons for these doctrines, their scope and main characteristics, and recommendations to avoid their pitfalls when filing in patent applications in Canada.

The 6th China IP Counsel Congress 2014 will be hosted by JFPS Group and partnered with Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology. It is recognized as the most influential and professional event with latest information and compelling business opportunities for the IP practitioners in China.