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Articles authored in 2009

January 1, 2009

Federal Court of Appeal Rejects Extreme "Obvious to Try" Obviousness Test (case note re Pfizer v. Apotex 2009 FCA 9), Bereskin & Parr website, January 2009

What Patents Must Be Addressed in PM(NOC) Proceedings? It Depends on When You Ask!, Paper presented at the 8th Edition Drug Patents and Legal Forum, Insight, Toronto, May 2009

Intellectual Property Litigation-Decisions and Developments of Importance in Canada, Lexpert Leading Canadian Law Firms & Practitioners, June 2009 (lead author)

Selection Patents and Obviousness: Analysing the Legal Impact of Apotex v. Sanofi One Year Later, paper presented at the Pharma Patents Conference, The Canadian Institute, October 2009

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